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Our Services

Banyan Global Technologies is a fully staffed sales, service, engineering, and production company. We specialize in bringing completely new and innovative ideas to market from concept through production by utilizing established best practices in design and by leveraging collaborative technologies across our teams located throughout the US.
Product Development

Our Engineers can take your concept drawings and turn them into 3D solid models, the first step in bringing an idea to life.


At this stage we can look for ways to improve manufacturability, reduce production costs, and suggest ways to improve upon the feature set of your design to make it more marketable to your target customer base.

Machine Design

R&D Designers are on staff to assist in the complete design of commercial and industrial products ranging from medical to motorsports, from IR imaging to fixturing, and also include complete automated machinery, work holding solutions and instrumentation for power generation manufacturers and government research laboratories.

Reverse Engineering

Often a new design project doesn't start from a clean sheet of paper.  Whether it be an upgrade to a machine already in service, or designing a performance upgrade product, accurate and efficient reverse engineering is a necessity.


Banyan Global Technologies offers these services via programmable (DCC) and manual CMM machines, 3D scanning, and optical comparator measurement.

3D Printing Services

A rapid prototype is often necessary to prove a design and ensure proper form, function, clearance, and aestethics.


Banyan has a low-cost, high-speed FDM (fused deposition modeling) machine in house, as well as relationships with production partners for other technologies and methods.

Machine Shop

Following a successful design review which may or may not include 3D protyping, the next step is to make a working part, assembly, or complete machine.


Banyan Global Technologies has its own machine assembly and part fabrication facility to ease the transition from design-space to functional reality.

Production Manufacturing

Our Knoxville production facility specializes in the production of special part components made to our customers' design specifications.


With CNC machining capabilities and CMM inspection equipment, you can be sure that your parts will arrive at your door ontime and accurate.

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