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Product Categories

Standard Profile Grinder - Model SPG-X
Automatic Profile Grinder - Model iPG-X
Jig Grinder - Models UJG-35i, UJG-75i
Fully Automatic Periphery Grinder - Models APX-101, APX-103, APX-105
Fully Automatic 5-Axis Complex Insert Grinder - Model APX-F50
Fully Automatic Grooving Insert Grinder - Model GIG-202
Milling Tool Grinder - Models TGX-52V, TGX-mev, TGX-me
Surface Infeed Grinder - SIG-V4

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US Sales & Technical Contacts

Timothy Bastine
Phone: (234) 564-5719
Jeff Kaplan
Phone: (864) 382-0695
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